Keep it simple

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

The time I’ve spent with customers has taught me that you can’t buy a “management system”. I mean, there are lots of computer programs that claim to be “that” but it doesn’t make it so! If you own or are looking to buy a management system consider this… you have to have a system to manage before you buy a computer program to wrap around it. Most management systems are like the human brain. You only use 10% of them and if you feed garbage in, that is what comes out!

If you cant work your process on paper, please don’t confuse your people with the dark corners of cyberspace. Consider this, every thing in your shop is a process. If you want to understand it, order pizza…get your people in a room (after hours!)…grab multi color sticky notes and a sharpie…make your own map. Each color is a different person in your shop. Start at the beginning…What happens first, then what, then what and so on. If you do this right, your first night you won’t even get out of the front office side of the process.  You will realize quickly that you have multiple people doing the same job and some that are actually doing things that are counterproductive to one another.

Once you have defined your process, make a form that follows jobs through your process. You will find that the process is easier than ever before and that you will continue to improve it as you go along. Just keep it simple!

If you are looking for some examples of these forms contact me at . We will be happy to assist you!


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