Stop chasing your tail! – visual organization part 1

Posted: December 19, 2014 in Uncategorized


Why do we make things so hard? I’ve been fortunate to have observed technicians working all over North America for years, as a whole they are hardworking people who are driven to make ends meet. Generally paid when work is produced, they churn through as much work as possible daily for a paycheck on Friday.

What is getting in their way? …EVERYTHING!
Have you ever calculated what a minute of a technicians time is worth to your shop in gross sales? Do the math and you’ll see how much disorganization is costing your business. (Could be $2 a minute or more)

People (especially men) are visual, so organize that way. Where is the broom and dustpan? If the techs have to look for it, are they going to use it? “NOT!” The best solutions are the simplest. Put the tools at their “point of use” and store them in a way that makes it easy to visually verify that they are stored properly. We invented the cleaning station above to solve this very problem. The combination of numbers and shapes along with some thought on tool storage solved this problem nicely. The only true success test is if people actually use and maintain the solution presented to them. The 1 square contains the 1 trash can, the 1 detail broom, the 1 push broom, the 1 oil dry bucket, the 1 sweeping compound and the 1 dust pan. Yes this is over simplified, but very effective.

When one fixes a problem permanently the payback is ongoing. If the tech has easy access to the cleaning tools he is 100 times more likely to use them. A clean shop is the first step toward an organized shop. The easier you make to process the more likely you are to reach your goals.


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