Body Shops- Increase your odds of getting paid for what you do in 2015

Posted: December 24, 2014 in Uncategorized


If someone were to tell you that you they had documented damage under your home that you needed to pay to have repaired, you would want to see the evidence, right? The proof of the damage in a photo would have match with the money you would pay to fix the problem. So if your repair person came to you with dark inconclusive images of the damage they discovered, how likely are you to pay them to do the work?

Exactly. Yet every day body shops are sending up inconclusive evidence of subjective damage and complaining about the time that is paid on repairs. Now before some of you get upset, I'm not here to side with our insurance community or collision centers. In my time, I've come to realize that both parties have process issues. Agreement on labor time for subjective damage begins with clear, accurate pictures.
I invented "The Dent Viewer" to aide both the body shop and insurance company in agreeing on at least "the extent" of the damage.

The Dent Viewer is a waterproof pvc board with a printed reflective film that grabs the flash and casts light and a grid across the panel. The results are impressive.

Find us at Collision Edge
We are working hard to bring solutions to the Collision Industry. Also check out The Tape Thing

Please keep sending your comments and suggestions for new solutions or products!

Thanks tB

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