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If your in business, you sell a solution, a product or a service. If your customers don’t excite you, ask yourself…Why? It’s easy to forget that we are all in business because people exchange their hard earned money for what we offer, whatever that is.

Be Nice.

Customers find you because they have a need that they believe you may fufill. Don’t look at the customer as the product or service you do for them…think of them as a human being that has a need, a need you are particularly skilled in fufilling. If your not skilled, ask yourself why and find a way to get better at what you do…

Be Remarkable.

Sales people that seek excellence create their own demand. If your customers don’t talk about their experience with you then figure out why.

Good or bad, remarkable experiences are like a virus that spreads from person to person.

Be Real.

People connect on a personal basis. If you treat your customer like a business deal, you have limited your relationship to a transactional experience that can be replaced by anyone for a any price at any time.


The customer in front of you has more than the one obvious need that brought them to you. Find the underlying needs you’ll catch a gear that you didn’t even know existed before…

If your customers don’t excite you, do yourself a favor and find what does. Do it loud, with all your heart.

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